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Our fundamental & performance pistol classes will focuses foundations of shooting and marksmanship.  During the performance class, we will focus on refining the fundamentals in order to shoot faster while maintaining accurcacy while static and during movement.  We will provide students with the needed information and WHY, so you get the absolute most out of each class. 

Our goal is to develop your understanding of pistol shooting and have the ability to self diagnose your deficiencies when you're not in a class.  By the end of the two day class we will track your progress and drive you to exceed your baseline skillset and manipulation of your weapon.

Pistol Fundamentals courses will cover:

- Fundamentals of shooting

- Reloading 

- Proper grip

- Proper sight alignment and sight picture

- Mechanics of drawing from holster

- Weapons safety

- Common malfunctions

and more.

Pistol Performance courses will cover:

- Building on speed & maintaining accuracy

- Better understanding of recoil and how to manage it

- Movement

- How to safely move with your weapon

- Multiple target engagement

- Reloading

and more.


- Outside waistband holster

- Pistol

- At least 3 magazines

- At least 2 magazine holders

- 500-600 rounds of ammunition

- Eye/Ear protection

- Appropriate clothing for range (consider weather conditions)

- Food & water

Optional Gear:

- Plate Carrier

- Batteries

- First aid

- Gloves


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    LE Pistol Class

    Posted by Alex on May 1st 2024

    Hyperion Strategies provided a very practical training for law enforcement officers and any hobbyist shooter. The shooting drills he conducted were based off real life scenarios that we have seen on BWC footage. He will push your limits and you will notice a significant improvement throughout the training. I will definitely be signing up for another one of his classes!

  • 5
    Pistol course

    Posted by Nolan Ricketts on Apr 29th 2024

    One of the best, if not the best pistol course I've been through. Very informative with great down to earth instructors with years of experience. Mike is a talented instructor and just a genuinely good person. By the 2nd day everybody's shooting had increased extensively. excited to work with Hyperion Strategies again.

  • 5
    Pistol Class

    Posted by Michael on Apr 29th 2024

    Mike did an awesome job as an instructor and definitely helped me move my performance baseline skill as a shooter. This class is beneficial at making you faster and more accurate whether you are using iron sights or red dots on your pistol. This class is not just for the average shooter but also the more advanced shooters and instructors, everyone will take away multiple learning points from this class. I have been a police officer for 9 years and a firearms instructor for six years.

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    Pistol class

    Posted by Steve Thomas on Apr 28th 2024

    Mike was a phenomenal instructor and the two day course was exceptional. I look forwarding to taking classes with Mike in the future. All students in the class improved immensely over the two days and Mike tracked everything so that we could see the improvements for ourselves. I highly recommend taking a class with Mike.

  • 5
    Pistol and Rifle

    Posted by Paul Katz on Mar 27th 2024

    I feel the class was very informative and took me to another level. It was a major learning experience with these two great instructors. What I believe, learning from law inforcment give you real live training incase you ever needed it. Highly recommend these classes.