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Our fundamental & performance carbine classes will focuses foundations of shooting and marksmanship.  During the performance class, we will focus on refining the fundamentals in order to shoot faster while maintaining accurcacy while static and during movement.  We will provide students with the needed information and WHY, so you get the absolute most out of each class. 

Our goal is to develop your understanding of carbine shooting and have the ability to self diagnose your deficiencies when you're not in a class.  By the end of the two day class we will track your progress and drive you to exceed your baseline skillset and manipulation of your weapon.

Carbine Fundamentals courses will cover:

- Fundamentals of rifle shooting

- How to break down the rifle for maintenance and cleaning

- Reloading 

- Function and utilization of the sling

- Proper sight alignment and sight picture

- Shooting positions

- Weapons safety

- Common malfunctions

and more.

Carbine Performance courses will cover:

- Building on speed & maintaining accuracy

- Better understanding of recoil and how to manage it

- Movement

- Carry positions

- How to safely move with your weapon

- Multiple target engagement

- Reloading

and more.


- Rifle

- Rifle Sling

- At least 3 magazines

- At least 2 magazine holders

- 500-600 rounds of ammunition

- Eye/Ear protection

- Appropriate clothing for range (consider weather conditions)

- Food & water

Optional Gear:

- Plate Carrier

- Batteries

- First aid

- Gloves