About Us

Owner and Chief Instructor, Mike Shaw, is an active police officer for over 13 years.

Mike understood that being a police officer doesn't mean well trained.  He made

it his mission for several years to train with some of the best instructors in the 

industry from fundamentals, tactics and competition shooters.  Mike has worked

assignments from patrol, de-escalation instructor, to undercover narcotics for a county drug task force. 

Mike continues to train with reputable and quality instructors to expand his skillset and knowledge.

Mike's goal is simple, bring you the best training value possible.  Your hard earned money and time

isn't taken lightly.  Hyperion Strategies is here to help train civilians, law enforcement and military.

Rob Lindsay is a United States Marine Corps veteran, a licensed EMT, and an Active LEO.
Rob has been training in fitness, combatives and firearms for over a decade.  While being a machine gunner Rob was given opportunities to train with Force Recon and MARSOC operators. To this day Rob continues to take High Level Courses revolving around Competition and Close Quarters Combat. 
Rob is currently holding B-Class in USPSA.

Robs main focus is to transfer the knowledge and experience he has gained over the years and to teach you how to implement them in your daily life and career.

Hyperion Strategies was formed with a mission in mind.  To provide quality training to all, raise awareness for issues most don't want to talk about, raise money to donate to non-profits that combat human trafficking and help others become a better version of themselves.  We will also be dropping apparel and gear (such as slings).